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Lakes Area Care, Inc. (LACare) is an ecumenical, nonprofit organization providing food for individuals and families residing in the Burnet Consolidated Independent School District. 

LACare offers nutrition classes and serves as a referral clearinghouse for other services and resources located in the community.
Our Mission: Committed to improving lives through food assistance, nutrition education, and access to community services.

LACare will be closed on the following days:

Columbus Day                             Monday, October 14, 2019.

Thanksgiving                               Wednesday, November 27 through 
                                                     Friday, November 29, 2019.

Christmas & New Year's Day   Monday, December 23 2019 through                                                                  Wednesday, January 1, 2020
Burnet County Hunger Alliance

The Burnet County Hunger Alliance (BCHA) is a volunteer group of food pantries, churches, school administrators, elected officials, area leaders and active citizens who have committed to end hunger in Burnet County. BCHA helps coordinate and direct people to existing resources and find gaps in service with the goal being three healthy meals daily to anyone in Burnet County who needs them. Visit their website for additional information
About Your Visit to LACare
  • Registration is easy and you will receive food the same day you register. 
  • Clients complete a simple Registration Form for their household.     English     Spanish
  • We will make a copy of your ID and we will need proof of residence in the Burnet CISD (rent/lease agreement, utility bill, telephone bill, etc.)
  • Food orders are based on family size.
  • Clients only have to go through this process when you register for the first time and during our annual registration process

How Often You May Come to LACare 
Clients may visit weekly for bread and produce. For a grocery order, clients may come to LACare once a month.

Additional Local Area Food Pantries
These local area food pantries provide services to those living in Burnet CISD.

SNAP Application Information

Information for Our Clients
Volunteer Opportunities at LACare

As a volunteer you will work as little as a single 2-hour shift per month sorting and stocking various food items, filling food bags for clients, and greeting clients and assisting with their sign-in for services.

If you would like to join other volunteers giving generously of their time, email us at or submit your information on the form shown here at the bottom of the page.